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Brainscapes by Alain Eskinasi and Jim Wafer


Alain Eskinasi and Jim Wafer's Brainscapes is an electronic album consisting largely of didgeridoo and synth pads. I thought it seemed like a fascinating idea to combine the natural drone of the didgeridoo with synth drones, and this album does it pretty well. There's a little bit of tribal-style percussion for momentum. I listen to the album as a single track, although I don't recall whether the CD was divided into separate tracks or not.

I could only find this tiny version of the original cover:

Brainscapes original

I could have easily reimplemented it with some abstract art, but I just didn't think the original cover reflected the music. I don't know that my new version reflects the music any better, but meditation candles seemed appropriate.

Brainscapes new

I didn't spend any time on this, I just searched for "meditation" or something like that, and took the first photo that caught my eye. I know that the didgeridoo has no relation relationship to Buddha, but I did like the photograph and the overall mood seemed to fit.

The photo is by Unsplash user Moody Walk. The font is Open Sans Bold.

Vinyl record header photo by Andrea Cipriani, Unsplash License.

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