Design experiment

Concerto Grosso Opus 6 by Handel


Handel didn't release albums during his lifetime, because there was no such thing. I don't remember what form of media I obtained Concerto Grosso (Opus 6) in, but it needed a cover.

This was still early in my design sprint, and I was still contemplating what made sense in terms of effort and time investment. I wasn't clear, yet, about how many albums actually required album art, because the state of my metadata was so bad. I thought it might be reasonable to write an ImageMagick script to produce basic boxes with the artist name and title. That's not what I did here, but this was essentially a prototype for the idea.

Album cover

It's not exciting, but it is at least bold. I think you can get away with this kind of thing once or twice, so I'm actually happy with this cover non-art. It clearly states the artist and title, without conceit (aside, arguably, from what's visually implied.) And this is a functional cover. When browsing through my music collection in Elisa, I know exactly what album it is. It's exactly what it says on the tin, not like a Bach album featuring a hummingbird for no reason.

Originally, it was inverted, with black text on a white background. I had to change that after listening to it a few times and realising that I hate switching over to my music player to see what album is playing only to be blinded by a big white square of shining pixels.

Vinyl record header photo by Andrea Cipriani, Unsplash License.

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