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Cosmology Part 04

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This is Part 04 of a series wherein we talk about generating an entire campaign, on-the-fly, for your favorite fantasy role-playing game(s). In the future, it might have a tighter focus on either D&D or Pathfinder, but for now, let's consider this material more-or-less generic.

NOTE: All the usual polyhedron dice are used for DCS, though today, we'll only be using 1d4 and 1d12.

01: Cosmology

01.01: What came before? (continued...)

What existed before this world? Was it another world, filled with gods and heroes? An endless plane of energy or thought? Or maybe there was nothing at all?


A Solitary God

Roll 1d12:

01 -- This god created everything, and is the sole survivor of a pantheon of the past.

02 -- This god created everything and everyone, including itself.

03 -- The current world, and all the gods, people, and creatures with it, have never been anything other than the toys of a single supreme god, who plays with them as a child would.

Roll 1d4

  1. This god is divine, and all-powerful.
  2. This god is mortal, though very powerful.
  3. This god is mortal, though mad, and very powerful.
  4. This god is immortal, though no longer very powerful; it walks among ordinary people, as if it were one of them.

04 -- This god did not in fact, precede this world; rather, it was the first being born into it.

05 -- This god is the world; all things are but manifestations of the god.

06 -- This god was the last remaining god of a previous world, lost to an awful conflict; it's final act before perishing was to create this world.

07 -- This god sleeps. The current world, and everything within it, are nothing but its dreams and nightmares. Should the god ever awaken, the world will end.

08 -- This god created the world, then shattered into pieces, becoming the many gods known today.

09 -- This god found the world while traveling from parts unknown, and claimed it as its own. It had no hand in either the creation or workings of the world.

10 -- There were, in fact, many gods before the world existed, and they collaborated in creating the world. One of them grew greedy and resentful, and slew the others, until it was the only one that remained.

11 -- This god existed before the world began, and still does. It created everything and everyone. It's myriad goals are mysterious, seemingly conflicting, and interpreted in wildly different ways, by different people..

12 -- This god created the world with a single word of awesome power, then fled for unknown reasons. Some say, the god wrote the word in stone somewhere, before leaving, and that it could be used again to either reshape the world, or to destroy it.

To be continued...

Image: Clothing, apparel, helmet and game by Ian Gonzalez, released under the Unsplash License. Modified by David in Inkscape.

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