Lucky Token of Missiles

curse gaming

This item appears as a copper coin of human design that radiates magic if so tested. It has a depiction of an unknown king on one side, and a tall tree on the other. There are no markings or runes.

The coin will act like a beneficial +1 lucky token or charm, offering a bonus to all die rolls for that character, including rolls To Hit, Saving Throws, Skill rolls, and any other rolls the character may attempt. For anything involving 1d100, this token provides a benficial +05% (or -05% if lower is better).

The curse of the object is that all missile attacks in the vicinity of the character have a 50% chance (rolled by the GM) of curving in the air and attacking the token bearer, regardless of the original target. The victim gets all their normal AC, Dexterity, and other bonuses to avoid being hit, including the bonus from the token. Magic Missiles and other magical attacks are also affected, many not allowing for any chance to be avoided. This curse includes missiles launched or fired by the victim themself.

The token may be discarded at any time, but it will reappear somewhere on the character's person within 24 hours, and once it does, the curse will continue just as before. If damaged or destroyed somehow, the token will still reappear, seemingly unharmed. A successful Remove Curse, cast directly on the token while the cursed character is holding it, will allow it to be discarded; after this, there is a 50% chance that the link has been severed. If the roll fails, it reappears within 24 hours. If it succeeds, the token will not reappear, and the curse is broken.

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