Crawling chaos

trap gaming dungeon

Three potions on a shelf, each with effects that last until you physically exit the current dungeon.

From left to right:

  1. Shrinks you by one category

  2. Changes your alignment to Chaotic evil

  3. Reduces CON -4

Fortunately, they are clearly labeled.

Unfortunately, the wizard's apprentice did the labeling, and he wasn't terribly attentive, so all the labels are wrong.

Roll 1d3 to determine which label got stuck to which bottle, from left to right.

For example:

  1. First roll is 2, so the left bottle performs #2 effect

  2. Second roll is 3, so the middle potion has #3 effect

  3. The final bottle has #1 effect

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon. Unsplash License.

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