Lacking Vision Trap

trap gaming

Upon triggering, a black flash of energy jumps out and one character at random must perform a Saving throw or be struck blind. If the character Saves, the effect "bounces" off them, and jumps to the next closest person within 4 squares. If this person Saves, it bounces again, and so on. The bouncing effect stops once someone has been blinded, or once there is no one else in the area. The blindness is magical, but permanent, and requires either a successful Cure Blindness, Remove Curse, or Dispel Magic to be cast on the victim. Optional: This sort of trap is especially diabolical if it goes off just before the party is set upon by enemies.

Header Image: Blind Icon

by j4p4n, based on an image by Abu Badali.

Creative Commons Zero 1.0 Universal.

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