Sci Fi d10 Random Events

Things happen

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This is a d10 random event table I made as a going-away gift for my Blue Planet game group. I've removed the inside jokes and content specific to Blue Planet. Half-way through game night, roll on this table for a random event.

  1. A small spy drone malfunctions overhead and crashes into a party member, who takes 1d6 damage.

  2. A street band sets up nearby and plays loud cacophonous modern music. The party is distracted. They take 2 penalties on all skill checks until it disperses (or until they leave the area).

  3. A crazed anti-government activist attempts to take a nearby cafe or shoppe hostage at knifepoint.

  4. Space junk falls into a nearby neighbourhood. If the party reaches it before official recovery crews do, they find a solid state hard drive still in tact. Upon a successful computer check, they recover recent communications relevant to the current campaign.

  5. Car crash.

  6. Food is misdelivered to the party.

  7. The party witnesses an allied NPC being accused of a petty crime by a policeman or high-ranking socialite.

  8. The next elevator the party gets into will malfunction.

  9. Because the PC's names are coincidentally oddly similar to another group of friends, they are mistakenly invited to a posh dinner party. It is requested that they bring an exotic liqueur to share.

  10. The party is questioned about their suspected connection to an underground fight club.

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