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Things to find when looting

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Because I'm moving house, I'm parting ways with my Blue Planet gaming group. As a parting gift, I left them with a small collection of random tables they could roll on when they thought of me.

There's nothing specific to Blue Planet in this version, so use it in whatever sci fi or cyberpunk setting you play in.

Looting table

When players are searching a room or a body, roll on this table for what they uncover.

1 Spare comm unit. You now have a "burner phone".
2 Blood sample. Strange and slightly coagulated.
3 A cache of corrupt and unreadable digital files. If the file headers are restored, all but one is gibberish: a file containing geolocation data that matches significant events in the current campaign.
4 Photos tracking a specific (unknown to the players) person around town.
5 Cred stick + virus. Until the virus is removed, anything you purchase is deducted twice from your account. If you don't track money in your game, then the second deduction isn't from the player's account, but the account of a random NPC. How the NPC chooses to react is entirely up to the DM.
6 Voucher for a free day at a remote spa.
7 Collectible trading cards of popular sport figures.
8 A voucher for an all-inclusive tour with a local tour company. A successful computer skill check reveals an embeded message in the text of the voucher, which reads "Contact Ed for your assignment in The Cause".
9 The prayerbook of an boscure religion. On the first page is the inscription "May your inner light never fade (unless you betray The Revealed)"
10 Vial of corrosive acid.

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