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The Maori creation myth and Matariki.

ogg 15723c2e838f9ab51ab9e25606c23b481c9cd71e4c56353a26664aa0a7231bb1
opus 0992988769ceb98afdb56979129fa60363c839ac4ee479615a4d58e94c2eb239
m4a bcdb03d96a3f6654fd62ed7edb4df5c0fd2dcd33947464d61217b8b09863cdb8
Maori creation traditions

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No episode this week, due to packing up for a house move. Back next week!

Mixed Signals blog

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A look at the taniwha, from Maori legend.

ogg f1740ae976ffbf28102d8346db9e66c5764810651ae0f0feafab78b5e22dc983
opus 17ccbaa97096391c23fac95609ae04fabcad9d9b20654842f0a42421255bf284
m4a 1c03fb54e402fe93ae740e2a082e8ddd0488f722c05cf3a20d920861f114477a
Taniwha on Te Ara
Tome of Beasts from Kobold Press (see the entry for Dragon, Sea)
Taniwha Magic the Gathering card

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One more episode about non-combat XP, this time quick-and-dirty homebrew options for exploration and interaction.

ogg 4b2d50621a1572ee2be567de2883b702725cf74fe794d1d4dc4155ba836ad650
opus adc12f09fc53c7cab3651dd4b6eceda2b6af0a34c8365e3b43c508246d9d3951
m4a e0e090e1019754bfaa5c5bbec447a389fbe197f28a70e4f5b0293891d9f236a4
Mixed Signals

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Non-combat XP in Pathfinder, using two rule systems already integrated into the Pathfinder system.

ogg 04f0e12560cfaf444a017125eb487540fe07102e39be7d103307b5873a154687
opus 59640917c7d8bd08d39620482a6b7ccef0437d17f5e60fb89ad836e2d8fbb9ec
m4a 6e46a943b702f847198488feb145144805bc6e6f78f14dadf9660c75e0c9c33a
Ultimate Intrigue for social interaction
Kingmaker for exploration

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C&C is branching out. To better reflect its parent website, Mixed Signals, the show will now cover not just lore but also open gaming in general. This is partly to buy time required for researching in-depth lore episodes, but also because it can be difficult to not talk about game mechanics when talking about the lore around a game.

In this episode, Klaatu takes a look at the 3 Pillar XP system developed by Wizards of the Coast for D&D 5e. The idea for this new system is to better reward players for exploration and social interaction, and not just combat.

Download a cheat sheet for this system at

ogg 4053104f7e9141246339f7f6972f7e1d1af405d1d2c4d9980c1834643186d80f
opus 178b69ae75ca8d9fe4096cb21a8e7c07ee0e92694b9f1611fb406a1f54c6f217
m4a 1032a7d0fa9f250dfed94f45bf2d9ab57385bb2150f7f4f1b01c2825d98e5f9e
3 Pillar XP (Unearthed Arcana)
3 Pillar Cheatsheet

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More technology, this time from the early sf books Armageddon 2419 and the Airlords of Han.

ogg 88794058bcc98feddaad174997fd5aac989243b13be68f507e2187f1c5645780
opus 12d646146905ce98ef40cce37b7bdd414b3b219951eca8ade59a98e5fca454c4
m4a 0a56a08131380c116c6df75057c80e37114dee56d9af8c876b6935aa87e83936
Philip Francis Nowlan

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The gods of the Norse pantheon, as defined by D&D, part 3.

ogg 802917f1f6a902b40825f262a666ee39e1e537cfd38f95677835c69f93b3ebbc
opus eb30c4c4f5229ae94c84548b71d627c4da36549c6437d391287af2701b31411c
m4a dd38cdb3736120c98e689592cb254c27aadb7e48abc2cbff4f6a97d9fa9564b5

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Technology and fantasy.

ogg 50983a7cbf1dcffa4121326edd08bc6293a6e4c9ac04479bf6fc3d465efff302
opus c2d76f08af0ab79a526dc7db03741ed88e1de5fce8191e1cd8d680c44181e5b6
m4a 9c8d768571d67ba09799642363bdbe20d0186e39ad9edfd25f930b97dc51a7c0
Technology Guide from Paizo

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Norse mythology, part 2.

ogg e9107955185f635daffaa9472cffadbb2e21fa649e07ccaf402b7efbcde7cec2
opus 27b835fdf6711b6d579ec89a5013465ca46faa31e5820160070a2471d57ee14e
m4a 66b0d026f316ce83c564ff13e8bdc54f450fbe16315868c793af4ae3126b0dfc
Yggdrasil Compendium: an interesting look at a Nordic D&D setting

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A discussion of feats, and what makes characters unique, and how it all fits into 5e.

ogg bf65d0f6584cf67a1bad20d6b9ca536459843ac12ba7e4822e74fb5b9cd2f83b
opus 7ef6140a6af3bf5663b766d568f73f06b931e6252fd5a451653adbbf464a6442
m4a 995a4244ffa3fb114d16b5426d00a5da0f1bfa94251f5b694edc6970d518c670
Fifth Edition Feats by TPK Games (affiliate link)

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Turn to page 299 of your Player's Handbook, because it's time to review the Norse pantheon as D&D dieties.

ogg 1d84f40cd71f67deccddf4530b56d17b22faf70462392acd745c2247e1072098
opus acb55de7dd915ea188f0a78d81019a555d42e1bfa328e5dde8c7e9abee957a60
m4a d5dabf82931f857463f7eeaffb87949b9f62959767b859498d1187e04c1f28d8

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Herbalism and incorporating it into games.

ogg 129f12d2e82d4e19a8ee85843bcfc60f984222cebcde4b71fe3409164c3b2ca1
opus eed620e34dedfcd7a146bc3a931833d65fa53e51fe00c0e09077ea577d3c3652
m4a b6b871a07e8ebb8c11f01c7cdd628c4074c369b55892d50d15e01e6ad81fac40
Herbalist base class
Herbalism by Dalagrath

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Learn about the magic of names with the Super Genius Guide to Name Traits. It's a fun way to gamify name creation for player characters, with a bunch of implied lore by nature.

ogg 9a0dd769aba6e6779fd1583c6a6d70bf44d4b004031236461633202fcebeaacb
opus 41f0d9b008a182b88beac4fda661cf93d0d1ab1755e7ed950ae683b036c642a9
m4a 99b80634dc53652aabc80141b1b028f7641b5013b0252b419f34591f3bc70a19
Genius Guide to Name Traits

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The final god of the Porphyra pantheon: Vortain, the chaotic evil bringer of chaos, the corrupt one.

The Porphyra pantheon was written by Christopher Kaiser, Perry Fehr, Mark Gedak, August Hahn, John Hazen, Sean Holland, Sam Hing, James H. Lewis, Chris Longhurst, Scott Messer, Sean O’Connor, David Nicholas Ross, and Jeremy Whalen. It is published by Purple Duck Games.

ogg 39cdde7b89d25518f9c8a6b62e581ac2a48e51d4393a215c614b5267188aa6f9
opus 95a208b7052a6474e1ba7b5ab7d8e15b77ce25ab020a81c9d28e625deac8a52f
m4a 80c89d7e4cd759d09beeea32472c878da4d3994c59f95da295f9718564af5e0a
Gods of Porphyra (affiliate link)

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All about haunted regions ("haunts" in Pathfinder), featuring an excellent guide by Super Genius Games.

ogg 75882a199508a18a99d158ccc5b02b877900fd8a77988efff324c6f695293893
opus 9d8bc055ae09a66e9ef9731cc7e02db5e9d73112cda1e089f8f1928924f37f86
m4a 4faf8001961a2c4e3b181a998753529d26b680e2e35a0acef0c61519bd6ce018
Genius Guide to Horrific Haunts (Mixed Signals affiliate link)
Game Mastery Guide

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Rajuk Amon-Gore, so bad he's good, or so chaotic he's bad?

ogg a5523b56ee53db3e56340a553a50c7191fa03e0bc2a7f40e9e50cc55b702fa4a
opus 45d7167c738236c3b1455deda919646b54f9dad0cefd95cc0e48f24b21ecab0e
m4a e3edaff8c3ededf445ea7f69f997a6e27f8b08f4992f34fb5134e0dc13a270e7
Gods of Porphyra (Mixed Signals affiliate link)

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The beasts (and constructs) of Pellucidar, the land at the center of the Earth.

ogg 7f169294389ca5fa4a47c98a60477a24e546961b1b1c7405a098e9098d05046b
opus 32a074652a0388396f092190ef161cb36ad4c807fc1e757e207d199bd8903fe2
m4a 86fd24ab28b8016103c2a29f35b1c2a4c78b6c0f534c432371c51e29d0564b59
At the Earth's Core

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Mal, the chaotic evil god of annihilation, the destroyer of worlds.

ogg df1844a1afb1e610db27e11648e4a3703f6c27782f14efd8cb3ff96886c73c6f
opus a47e452c65b8b3842b0f89fcc0557645cab59cb703c70aeea4bde325b3bd574a
m4a c11260788a698c4616cf24187dbf556cda571bc4a62205f3893c6cb7e26937ed
Gods of Porphyra (Mixed Signals affiliate link)

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The environments of Pellucidar, a world within a world.

ogg 1a3a86ed4c0b2c873b8c431464e1a79cbb4d90642c732785ae9127f5c5a34b3e
opus 5da8e54f74173df640c97f6abce572bb40cd27e2da3d4dcaf18b692da327f709
m4a 03b1e051f562d29dabbf54ebda671a78805ab20411e9fe904a5fbc5ada55a01f
At the Earth's Core

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Ul'ul, the Mad Maiden, the Vortex: the chaotic neutral goddess of art, madness, and storms. Hers is an appropriately tumultuous tale, so buckle up!

ogg 2d26845ad891605d95ec55b6ef35138462d2368498cebf2d25e1d0f819c3c517
opus 0329e2ac6afc12cdd9b5d04eb6491126980d464cf9f4683322762a11ddf0d4f2
m4a 5132ea1ad61619a22a8447fe08a2b453ef6b62294ab63537ee46725189c46ff3
Gods of Porphyra (Mixed Signals affiliate link)

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A review of some optional gem socketing rules, and the idea of upgrading items and powers with magickal gemstones.

ogg aea0ffdc59b02c3b3f7c992003735c04df64a5473f72b9e3b76c3d677be7810a
opus c574957fb8b7806d6165a36802aef8dec8c58989b188d49065ac5942272717b5
m4a 3d4a943c2a88b8208904e338d70aecd6e62cabb3879b097d14df745795395e7c
Magical gems and gear socketing by Greg Schreurs
Gem socketing: How to enhance your weapons by Anthony L.

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Explore the Earth's core! In this episode, Klaatu takes a look at the pulp fiction ideas of a hidden world at the very center of the Earth.

ogg 76d8539702af9bf7dac3301442e39e18e732c3d116f5c7522b9118a5654f4f46
opus e40da555f5b6e651e4dcbc346f471bbab677ee2d95ab992251b896403bbb45fb
m4a b54260c4667f7f56d4384a28ad959dd69217e6d8fb8bd23526bf50fcdc1899fb
Journey to the Center of the Earth
At the Earth's Core

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Rune magic is a great addition to magic systems, whether in a tabletop game, video games (like Witcher 2), or books. This episode takes a look at some of the mechanics and runes in Kobold Press's Deep Magic: Rune Magic.

ogg a6dbd2bddd56cb5cce6818765662d786fe0bf4f7e9257e5ca618d2a81ad03b0b
opus aa11a0ecb7057ede4b8f538e8118088687d157d070221dc9841ad8cc0248eac9
m4a 1580961983123af576409fa8dba8a340834fea6908282cea538d4276b6a0ce95
Rune Magic

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Hear all about the chaotic neuntral goddess, Nise.

ogg 517adfbc8d0f5d1ad8ca0179f3bd24ce4ec050b8586c9f46862186addcf83bf0
opus ba198edbffd3e5c8cdd92bd160966e3460ee4bf034968d0002731bfb1cfcea82
m4a 82eb5ededbbe87411ac955e177dbbc5fa237f65d989742bc95b215d250d09363
Gods of Porphyra (Mixed Signals affiliate link)
Porphyra source books

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An extra episode to get you through the holidays: the Hyborian Age by Robert E. Howard, in its entirety, read by Klaatu. It's a little academic as lore goes, but it's the authoritative history of the world of Conan the Barbarian.

The Hyborian Age on

Listen: Ogg 0x52 | Opus 0x52


Winter magic from Super Genius Games.

ogg 6ab4effd5444f4566472658a8a5fd4c5e0cde6792a337bc98cc72a6b7c998b87
opus f2fa8fe43d006675b8ee7f4df5831417bde0ca400932c6d33d5f406403a8aa62
m4a 2f198ddb3007ba8fd9434368991593c236b8f6e5bbfa19bdc96587403170d78d
Genius Guide to Ice Magic

Listen: Ogg 0x51 | Opus 0x51


All about the chaotic neutral god, Nemyth Vaar, called Nemesis, the Knight Demise, the God of Betrayal, Insanity, and Revenge. Worshipped by fallen knights, mercenaries, and outcasts.

ogg b057069485cd66f8969260bcd89526125de3e48431d59e3bfdf5e72b29c5daee
opus af9deca8e75a8eb885afed68f636edea21f9d13744ebe47c3670233d0b5faf7d
m4a 2eb77d18f6b453102e4aad9756c7db9d422050a260524d1253a7c24ea310415c
Gods of Porphrya

Listen: Ogg 0x50 | Opus 0x50


Wrapping up our exploration of the Conan universe, this episode mentions a bunch of elements, like Ophir, Xapur, Hyrkania (home to expanded universe heroine Red Sonja), and others, that didn't quite fit in any of the previous Conan episodes.

ogg 7457c4dd3469842aecce5abceb99321db39f8c39a05aebde932cb6708d545862
opus 9200726ed0861af3037c8ff2c953328c52f138593e6b8c912d9f97cad02a837b
m4a bbc31e1b1ed68cd748424171cc50049de11b8f0e44dd2fc8bff31d5c1bc5c1d4
Conan books on

Listen: Ogg 0x49 | Opus 0x49


The chaotic good goddess, Yolana: the Twin Liberty, the Maid of Memory, the Truth Light.

ogg f4dd5ff1efb257745d275e662eef50c942a206facd940f063fce3a2217299f01
opus c7f71fdac417e08646c52e9086c14a49ac242410b17ed31401488d256aefbcc8
m4a d5752adbe55a6e6e7374a199b8c625c6680c61de3684b6d39e046d7a13b011e4
Gods of Porphyra

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Two factions by Brent Newhall: the Invisible Hand and the Blackblades.

ogg e807db796f2b770c6c88bcc4335b4128b674ebbd23df0732f9093f6a72287cf6
opus 372b5267ede25513ed432efb07500deef272f9f09fc746539b74bd81668acc8d
m4a 40bde713a1c2f9f9311b51b03bca4f86440cd20bd03c29c73928a34f58d92109
Geek Archaeology

Listen: Ogg 0x47 | Opus 0x47


Crom, Set, Ishtar, Asura, Mitra, and more. Yes, it's an overview of ALL the gods in the Conan universe.

ogg a4f7d35f1d471470edfa0d52b350170ea22a1423c2d6e1214f9303bef32e76a9
opus 5b54bfcc8304519d73e3e00b63c1fa73b5ff0ded3e60692e2ea73c254cf8efb7
m4a 68c95d977a696782266004071eec9d30d1d274348c4f77667df633f4d4f2f810
Queen of the Black Coast
Black Colussus

Listen: Ogg 0x46 | Opus 0x46


Tulis, the martyr. The chaotic good goddess of strength and defiance.

ogg f23f30072e018728d853730abc0ef0e61fef7bbea90f3a6f4331270a3abfdffc
opus db36705943fa05bc10554b04f852ee71454c20549caba9c2eb61dcc181adf44e
m4a bdefde884c3f37bc27271b78ed47e01e9a1e91fb93238b859a96877653f37c23
Gods of Porphyra (Mixed Signals affiliate link)

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The kingdom of Turan, along the Vilayet Sea, from the Conan the Barbarian universe.

ogg 54811c473e11d5e57bc7d14de787af4c9f77a226e310b43cdd17047749990737
opus b2c849604f79261dabc0f0ddabb0efcf457f786eec743d762798795b7293c17a
m4a 51525bf5652ffc4592332d202982907dd8306a58d220b1b6014191aadd1d49d9
Shadows of Zamboula

Listen: Ogg 0x44 | Opus 0x44


The chaotic good god, Saren the Untamed, of the Porphyra pantheon: the god of forests, animals, and lust. A god for druids, foresters, rangers, and sylvan creatures.

ogg 60f6dab7a42d4b95a2237e3124272ca7f5ecfa2cf22d5724c6b540a45699933b
opus c22ea56e13ac9455b3a5693a7d70b9251c120ed31833bcf5307c4c8a380b5953
m4a 2372a536b7585b5d90ed8194a28f97fc0b0e2d3332ecccfcc7b06053b6d4a82a
Gods of Porphyra (Mixed Signals affiliate link)

Listen: Ogg 0x43 | Opus 0x43


The kingdom of Nemedia from the world of Conan the Barbarian.

ogg 5d4539ad05090f247eedf8bb47966f601074c06f5f4a846b156e9cf57f60ec46
opus edb6e3a97f7025b8f34990d84576b2bb3fcda3a49fc81e9dd0dd49d711c5ebe8
m4a 0301cace016d17ea8cf295b73c2a56f18f3e3de987360495f5639935c080abbb
Tower of the Elephant

Listen: Ogg 0x42 | Opus 0x42


Shade, the master of murder and god of subterfuge, from the neutral evil division of the Porphyra pantheon.

ogg c42898c22ba353c37652736866adcfc330076aaffa5bd79ead11150cb23b1bac
opus f050b0efada54fe7b64d16d22ef375b0f8f3ecfd890ebb57ca8685b7a888b4fd
m4a 52ae199f86645409424f9ee04f5d5a4b26d4dd210c52dc312516ab7625daac72
Gods of Porphyra (Mixed Signals affiliate link)

Listen: Ogg 0x41 | Opus 0x41


Learn all about the kingdoms of Koth and the land of Shem from the world of Conan the Barbarian.

ogg 007a94e0dddaebd13b34c59ad1649520d1be803f2424b9f64dd9269a19feaacf
opus 29dcb27931e037ca754adb6e59c53e91ee5522be658b8c3da1d89637a7800403
m4a a20a1ff1f7485d26fcda0524f095d9eef7ba77f99297ea263339042013590a11
Black Colossus
Scarlet Citadel

Listen: Ogg 0x40 | Opus 0x40


Lyvalia, the neutral evil goddess of deception.

ogg 4828d44c02ade9ec12c3c999272ea8c1c07ea003f56940a82ff72989ac4bc5bc
opus 31f404bc50daa0b02c624a495ac2fd7250b33a1fae9e3d451318d319cbd061a2
m4a e6e3cfed9183a001ae625628a00710d7da5576a6fafd31472242a00becba6889
Gods of Porphyra (Mixed Signals affiliate link)

Listen: Ogg 0x39 | Opus 0x39


Zingara and Argos, two kingdoms of Conan the Barbarian's Hyperborean world.

ogg 9e8bedcb104f3b69161f22e2abf257442887fdf7a1bfc80b638beadd119f1c34
opus b90d4317bae4e4ecc229e036600be32a782b61bf6c0d0145c4659add8b8e8f25
m4a 3c85e97d6b7cb2b0d8d595c3b7f8ad4276aead77d823adda8684686e7fcbd0d2
Hour of the Dragon

Listen: Ogg 0x38 | Opus 0x38


Visit Aquilonia, the ancient kingdom situated between the Bossonian Marches and Nemedia. It's a frontier kingdom, holding fast against Pictish savages. Can it hold back the threat, or will its own internal political strife tear it apart first?

ogg a12b18e715d3fa6ce2cf57dd0407c71e2468b90865e0f9862e86aae7e753f0d1
opus d1bc3bab51e94002eebfbe4e11fb3a82a6ae0f74edc21b5b4bd779d02babf0bc
m4a cf7f6968d891e4d1679a53b393df7aeaeef2e1b2f9a5aa06cebc06f0713e472a
Hour of the Dragon
The Phoenix on the Sword

Listen: Ogg 0x37 | Opus 0x37


The evil continues. Stygia last week, the god of destruction this week. This episode introduces the neutral evil division of the Porphyra pantheon, starting with Fenris Kul. Grab your battleaxe and vulture.

ogg c0b1793ecdf77a3b4092653b307e0420156bc957898fc7dfefa873683f112bbf
opus 4ef1cfcc4f6f35d5e90f21090f4ab209c026fe69df834da6f6065aefec6a2150
m4a 5e1498c0f619ca710f089126cc9ba5735edb69894ad6affab5cd73e14fb07c8d

Listen: Ogg 0x36 | Opus 0x36


Get a tour of the mysterious lands of Stygia, a kingdom of Set worship, necromancy, and vampires. This is information taken from the original Conan stories by Robert E. Howard.

ogg 49cf96f86b925e4f961420ec0ecac02dc26851e1639e9483d27aaecb422fcff7
opus 50b0963cdf01fdc60947e8b3a76241dc9aa3602bc57eda3b76baf1d97e32cf38
m4a f9887d7555eb037b039d00f4ed62e8bd531e678c98bd6f658b4b0b24c100505e
Howard E. Robert stories on

Listen: Ogg 0x35 | Opus 0x35


Myketa, a neutral goddess of Porphyra.

ogg 86e4fafa02b2a3c478a70feabc4c1bab1e90d59dc20ba7df149fc8d1f40bbdd0
opus cb51b7a81906775cf4aefd3e49def21886f9972cf0e08eb26a5ac26ecd149b28
m4a f8e50fcdaf5ec0769e07f4ae5d3d2f889bb86f82bef7ea4c79476111fffc49d1
Gods of Porphyra (Mixed Signals affiliate link)

Listen: Ogg 0x34 | Opus 0x34


Ferrakus, the neutral god of mining, stonecraft, earth, and caverns.

ogg e516e7965dc66da8ecbf5f36db9bd6a30fb298633801b14ef55e7a4c766e2043
opus a9bf50401bcc1bd49c2caf786513883def7d3894e01d3d82b4aea9ef8486644f
m4a 44da74fe9cdbaf983e7a0ef4a7c0c772dc50000534eed6439d8a3b1b8ec2c441
Gods of Porphyra (Mixed Signals affiliate link)

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Stat blocks for a Kala war party.

ogg 06be0da041cf7eb45df81cc466b3cddfd51e91a83b188a86291fe1d8e4893846
opus 03ca67363368603ba0f7cf540b61639ee9c34bde52a5f0649a8694d6175d2b59
m4a 2d8c822a26b39c3e60562fe3a181934ce8a90fb04826332a82886e73182979de
Copyrighted history of Draconian races taken from the book DragonLance Adventures TSR 2021
Read up on the Kala, a Copyleft draconic race by Brent Newhall

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D&D 5e allows for playable Dragonborn, but so far lacks much information about the race. In this episode, Klaatu briefly talks about Draconic races since the early days of DragonLance, and then discusses the rich alternate history for the Kala, as developed by indie game designer Brent Newhall.

ogg 64cd2220d535c139e26be81abf2a86b440cec2e9342184ae88734b60beb28bff
opus de08d8e92135b4801062797020178f160162ffc9daf6d457567b7b5d56cbdfc8
m4a fc96b0a1ec3bd2db1d174e7b47bb76745dea11af8c6c774094ced39b75040e5f
Copyrighted history of Draconian races taken from the book DragonLance Adventures TSR 2021
Read up on the Kala, a Copyleft draconic race by Brent Newhall

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Indian vampyre lore from Vikram and the Vampyre as transribed by Richard F. Burton in 1870.

ogg 0d3a4690ea53865a24f3ff48cab9d731e7a0bdbb3314a57836466af092357b81
opus e350d952fbf9ee0d683c471b8b128e3d418628db19666f55bb45161594a49031
m4a cdcb45e9994763664e6b872e3d18dd98c03ecc1e559871c596e96acb6179c1cf
Vikram and the Vampyre

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Vampires before Bram Stoker.

ogg 4979063690f6fcac29d0464de8ce9f3802112c9ecc877720ec7c592f26349cda
opus f78295511c46813a70827a0e7abe3878299cc24dfe786f0e4558b6c17264acc9
m4a f5ddf8c2218d1f743de272de97164e421eda7dda7bcfb155469766dfc65b6f62
Vampyre by John William Polidori

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Chiuta, a true-neutral god of Porphyra.

ogg 5fb5cf9c646144692245add22455de82d4209a4f5d8e000f40d5c9c257949614
opus 318ffe805602b82d39fa251411619d00d3c13930aa3caccee183ebe0a1bf40d1
m4a 37a796bfad5f97cbbd12ceff675c76fdb170add36e42c5b1756ae90710de481c
Gods of Porphyra source text

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The neutral good god Veloria, goddess of adventurers and travellers.

ogg 8194e3d1a5ce8bc8c19aa00402cc91a565900be82435b7252e1703033b60bac3
opus 08650451f31217ead03ef92ffdf6fcf1ab9832fb10427cabaddacc05d9282450
m4a 872a7f35330384c972bd7010c2ea46b6be2c20d561ee0aa6f102e46ec7bc7214
Gods of Porphyra source text

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The neutral good god Paletius, brother of Camus. God of knowledge, magick, and the sun.

ogg c06d93a11bd1cb449db04f0325113583
opus 5c50ba96a10fc1f9db3bb9217ef1d876
m4a c6873327bb623608c533610c1ad9df94
Gods of Porphyra source text

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Marie Corelli's Romance of Two Worlds, a Victorian treatise on the mysticism of electricity and a good primer on building up a fantasy-based science for sorcerers and wizards specialising in spells dealing lightning damage.

ogg 041dc991caa344456471d4848a5fb216fb78a92f30b4f230ae2a166b276a196c
opus f9234564cb74038b22bb71c3a2a7431aa026575f17d0d0022d4de91f31aeec2c
m4a fd1e8e3a9180a88ea058389f1312c837379f659a4f937e8a0b732692ade9984a

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The mysterious land of Leng revealed at last, and the final installment of Lovecraft's Dreamlands.

ogg 2d3aa55aad4ebf0dee570aee3f6f454a73b3f007439d39595ee5e26b0bc75b55
opus ed8e61c5ea79fedce84cf1c9e04bac6c9cb98fa87a3ed3982e770ca5b905aeb3
m4a 0c9e7d839932508843724d940c9cdc7a6301d183255c4aa27536e65bec853b76
Dream-quest of the Unknown Kadath source text

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Overview of the neutral good god, Neria, the dreamspeaker, the oracle of fate, the singer of songs.

ogg e587ddf32de8bef48fb25274421f64325088719beb8d7b69c5f2d4da26edb64f
opus 801e27832f3ebffa901904686247211f10e4739487351284890b9b179dd01962
m4a bf91cc5dc1a5bc7c0a66686a87b117d84fb457f34c7ae5c9b9d63c76bca3eec7
Gods of Porphyra source text

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Inquanok, home to the descendants of gods.

ogg 0ee31fed71b3e53b1baf4659546ef098296446c7e497b6a0345da13b0579dddd
opus 7561bec93ed4a466061dd9e79be01390594f8b958748effbddc64e5f0421a8b6
m4a 05b26ca8fa8fbf04de0440bc2d122b86a3fba1431b0d0d6a4eb37d280f15756e
Dream-quest of the Unknown Kadath source text

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Rolterra, the lawful evil god of Porphyra.

ogg be0ffbb64aee0ca6b99f00b72b86f1d11117de1850429f0a545d4185a0d0b04f
opus 07e5152fde0cc555e2c7550adb780f7b5a1962367b381e1c4cc11a36a2bb3bf5
m4a 4391fdeea0b76bdff8ded9d7a857cc7bbf5a526a4f55cf962d23b817f7bf647f
Gods of Porphyra source text

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A tour of the island of Oriab, including the great Mount Ngranek. It's basically a Lovecraft resort. So don't fall asleep outside.

ogg 095ff21fee081cafb0477e2bf75e559a52a2da8e7d63de35e52ece35c556663e
opus d1f6960e4a2f30dc633388ae6b64fa004639da563260bec73b4ec66f92cbf82e
m4a 105243e34f114a43ff1ef9e7fe06fb13b6be859784bd87c314e37521d8e0d0be
Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath source text

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Kamus is a lawful evil god from the Porphyra pantheon. Stop by and say hi to him in this exciting but informative episode.

ogg 2a0a8a35627ad496c2f63235cd9ffd844d678dcd07fdf042ca0977d148b2fcf8
opus ff46f39107020349354f2a547c15a0675b81c52e39ac1f206b7a2e4b46de8a14
m4a 5ebbf6e4d7e6e36426621875c3842b741b06295a34e36aa061d4153a32d52e5a
Gods of Porphyra source text

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West across the Southern Sea, starting out from Dylath-Leen, with views of the Temples of Zak, the demon city of Thalarion and its eidolon Lathi, Zura the land of pleasures unattained, Sona-Nyl, Cathuria, and the void cataract, Oriab, and a mysterious sunken city.

ogg 48b50640f87a589cbaa52b6d14569975e2c3c7da09adb91012eab665e8b50e41
opus 956a9dc4974afb271322fe81e453bc39c828392635ee3f4bed6d477e12f0ae06
m4a defcb69cad3fe51955a4e6df2fb5a9a90307f0883ad0d68bc8d190d36bc435e3
Other Gods by HP Lovecraft

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Eshsalqua, the lawful evil god of Porphyra.

ogg 8323946b397a5e04fe8fd2e882898c02fc4c602442e8ef28af1dfbbeb9b0424b
opus 66a88cf19615fd674ccb300105547b32ae07139f77ef3e5e997b8a2d8f9c607a
m4a ce0530db2f3bfb9ae17d369e03818717e590ba78b744a3af68a037b880baedd4
Gods of Porphyra source text

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Visit the Cerenarian Sea, within Lovecraft's Six Kingdoms. It's should be horrific, this time of year.

ogg 4e8d0bbc4f678b062c141460ba5b3fa8166a1d56e08a3f12fe6bcb54660b12ef
opus 5008f7909551f4c64b31173f9dbd208cbef148d4a6dcf47b7107d0ea1a7da17b
m4a 621071a30b04422347e71f7a4607f9b24133954a7a8ff05d1ee425e0dcd37f69
Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

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Do you like the lawful neutral alignment? Then you'll love Shankhil, the god of transition, from Porphyra.

ogg 09dac4987f3833ff081f3b7d0fd768217e186e43591bbee4523a4e0f527bb5c9
opus 450ffab086cc9d9ceaa46a22e0cb3adfc004fec472aa4b1c4fdadfa5238b1d66
m4a e0cf1511bae2e2b680c7a582a89171f0967e05ed149ed4edeb437d07ee5b2d50
Gods of Porphyra source text

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What are the six kingdoms of HP Lovecraft's Dreamlands? Klaatu speculates, and then takes you on a tour to the magnificent city of Thran and the Oukranos River.

ogg db9ce8c955fdd1d5d9045162cd7d4dab97d35a525eb05eba700e72fcf8a7dd0b
opus 17bce187a01dea57d23b2ce944aed90eab2fa63478031cec6d6ba48d67527133
m4a 790823a26817f159e0a037b6393fbec0cc31c68dce7e017f179d51054e52bccb
Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath source text

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Part 2 of the pantheon of ancient Egypt, as interpreted by Appendix B of the D&D Player's Handbook.

ogg 12292a18e97a11bce3861b536885bfb1cd8aa84c85ff02a4ddc2c4254aa04051
opus a563e324c802f5726d675a951a9da83da1118f56f45a173c7d9fd7b0f608c96d
m4a 82f96c289423f04b5a2a046847cc1681b0a9cf2d32ef4cb473bc32107c390ca1
Egyptian Myth: A Very Short Introduction by Geraldine Pitch
Exploring Religion in Ancient Egypt by Stephen Quirke
Player's Handbook

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This week, we take a break from reviewing open lore to meet one of its creators. In this episode, Klaatu interviews the very non-fictional Brent Newhall, a prolific game designer, creature creator, faction founder, and tabletop geek.

ogg 7a395d0eb80ccdf2a8e3d335bed48514480091b284ed2bdcf6628a36bceec519
opus a855654570748370a79365bc1ecf80f2d78ce207195b151b524c5a5e1c46ea64
m4a 662d864acfcfeb434d1090204790308ff190e533f7c8af9558c75ede09b3eb15
A bunch of awfully good games by Brent
Digital character sheet for LibreOffice, for Brent's Dungeon Raiders game

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Part 1 of the pantheon of ancient Egypt, as interpreted by Appendix B of the D&D Player's Handbook.

ogg a10fd171233c78c5ba08c09047d616a8f8bbf8b75e14769928a3b75eb6d0a1d9
opus fb59722ec4c6d5dd14e400c98a4d0f339c8edb964f2ddfd1bb09431fd4aaf4ba
m4a 9c21442a95d7b1a927b1cf1fe92d951c5123e7844e83fd06feb7c0a9c7a170fc
Egyptian Myth: A Very Short Introduction by Geraldine Pitch
Exploring Religion in Ancient Egypt by Stephen Quirke
Player's Handbook

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Exploring the Moon of Lovecraft's dreamland realm.

New creatures: moonbeings, folk of Leng, men of Parg, cats from Saturn.

New locations: the moon.

ogg 958aef84d6e66df0656d0b22ea450a890988aafcb2c01d6705c9ee75ea7ccf6c
opus 682de639381230de270d0a3ad2da3f8c9a77c191b2cc39cc34f940ab40496886
m4a 4221fdd310f73c8307b5ca29f424f875539c69fa47cb70361266040d76df54c7
The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

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Introducing lawful neutral god Linium, the forge father, from the Porphyra pantheon.

ogg 2a3eef723a75eaf335d360bba70442dc541c77b4b87f2e33413625495b3670f2
opus 4a95d2c127c4d7bc390b74b262d6b60fae60f36029e3030784d1f770eafee104
m4a 7d1703324f899814ce9fc5509ef9e3fced50ae7448165ed9e00196e4febae34f
Gods of Porphyra (Mixed Signals affiliate link)

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Visit the underworld of HP Lovecraft's dreamland realms.

New creatures: ghouls, ghasts, gugs, dholes.

New lands: the Peaks of Throk, Pnoth valley, Vaults of Zin, and the Kingdom of the Gugs.

ogg fe19b9c5c079e13834061178ce3b8e87d8a8c14cfef3a24ff24630ba067c2480
opus 347a10fd6be7923094bb3b0991049338777d405a2c4f9e3d8b0dc36f4df22730
m4a 2a034fa4a197f59e1f4d616192f7e4e8cea6347023458ed667867435ee32361b
Tome of Beasts by Kobold Press
The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

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Introducing the lawful neutral goddess Ithreia from the Porphyra pantheon.

ogg aa094d60ddc36480bd5614c8c7d81f955989204ab6936791a22c03ec38e18a90
opus 723d5aab53d4dd0751cb18e22b4fd135a92a32f0fb589ce78b77d13e5b15c2c0
m4a 015e7fecbaf4aee5c9744371783ab70e360b80f74fbd096a18a3bc05858b50f7
Gods of Porphyra (Mixed Signals affiliate link)

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Meet Toma Thule, a lawful good god from the Porphyra pantheon.

ogg 52750a42435f5703b0242d38ea4c1af4d804d8f3f6639e5ca11f4744ff39c46a
opus b198fc15bbc079a61a670cba26340837e65e1038090e8350f04596b7ae995f96
m4a 850d5868cb8f73c5be6572380092d154f6e59a34460405194a175ab3f68bdc13
Gods of Porphyra (Mixed Signals affiliate link)

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Part 2 of 2. Finishing up the Gods of Pegana by Lord Dunsany. In this episode, the last couple of main gods, and thousands-and-thousands of house gods.

ogg 1dd1a57daae79aa4c3ae401dbb4b6117b91bc68fcc08792affa50ee8606dcdb0
opus 2f1fdfa1a157543c02eee033f6791fbd81877657a5cbd047d6201ca0c3245832
m4a c4728352111157c92014d68546e455c14510ab4e3c0a3d287b6af5ef1ad656f5
Pegana d20 is a summary of everything discussed in this episode, as a free ebook
Gods of Pegana is the source material, available on Project Gutenberg

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Part 1 of 2. A look at the Gods of Pegana, a book by Lord Dunsany. This is an old book, and freely available on Project Gutenberg. It's definitely worth a read.

ogg d615aab1be3df03dc9332a5ba36a1a1707e0fdb52054ab49cc9ac68bbcfe50c0
opus a11aeedd0f6954c51e5aed65dc78fa7275e78db03dd3c0a0915e5851a514fcce
m4a 991f1501bd9c732a64fe417d3ea7681462748dd6609f226c3623287051a570d7
Gods of Pegana by Lord Dunsany

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Meet Aleria, a lawful good goddess from Porphyra.

ogg 7de14176155f4e1b60eafaae0b159d155ddfd7a7e1ca40e8b2892564623b76fd
opus 5adc693cfe7d2e1952dfbc35073c913c693ac65e7fba2c60c3a8e86d87b25552
m4a 3974b93ea42a468b9edca8496e148508dd3ed1725ab6a19c4a6a43f97787a467
Gods of Porphyra (Mixed Signals affiliate link)
Purple Duck Games on Patreon

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Klaatu, who is not a lawyer, takes a break from the regularly scheduled programme to discuss open licenses and how to read them.

ogg ad6e8aba54bbc742926cbcd1065d74211c9c837f0ad4b973efcf978e4e4d4783
opus f85c653c942cd38bf72d4e9c95fd93f7293eb976f26c110ffaa4c7c49d7b6033
m4a a30cd8db959e8e4caa329c01e428c43b33a41b3f41216814ea527de0ba665b8b
Open Game License
Creative Commons license chooser
Kobold Press

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A tour of the enchanted woods and countrysides of the dreamlands realm, around the river Skai, in the Six Kingdoms.

Three cities are covered in varying levels of detail: Nir, Ulthar, and Dylath-Leen.

One new creature type: the zoogs, with approximate stats.

Two gods are briefly mentioned: Azathoth and Nyarlathotep.

Priests of Nasht and Kaman-Thah maintain a cavern-temple and a pillar of flamethe, where they offer assistance to travellers on their ways to the dreamland realm.

One new potion: moon-tree wine, a zoog delicacy, served in a gourd. The wine is produced from a magical tree that grew from a seed dropped by someone on the moon. Like many wines, it is known to induce intoxication and drowsiness.

There is much more to cover, but this is a good introduction to the dreamlands. We will definitely be returning later.

shasum -a256:
ogg c34e7c4b29e5eb31558f1277e0549ee0994809076d6dee6f2dae4c0e55344ed9
opus af93b8296d2889b67305ab1afa622a963f70738d1afda5ed37bf6cdebcba3ea5
m4a 112e25c51553cd09e3887888102f071ce542d83ab5066a97d67f3acbc25f5135
Lovecraft stories online
The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
The Cats of Ulthar in audiobook form

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This episode covers Gerana, the Lawful Good goddess from the pantheon of Porphyra, and keeper of the Divine Record.

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ogg bc165c926301ec0aa26df03bdd62f772c121a2dc1b5b95b9404b6475e477e6a5
opus 372d2eb049853d205ad0564c293be79e92dc842aa41c11bb15910eeb06b612a2
m4a 5184a23ad327128b2d2310b979d04095c3bd6bfc179925dd93a811ca7c037cb8
The Gods of Porphyra

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New to the show? Start here.

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ogg f4c2a7951bb1bd260cb92645a73f88809e8911a80fd79765f30690b5a7ebbe52
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m4a 6a1b241eee9239c82670109625ec4cc317278795db27eb88385b2015f1729932
Dungeons & Dragons
Pathfinder, modern old-school D&D
Dungeon Raiders, a retro-clone of 1st Edition