Chair of Collision

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Less a cursed magic item than an poorly-made one, this appears as a high-backed wooden chair of ornate design. Upon sitting in the chair and speaking a command word (subtly carved into one of the chair's arms; careful investigation will reveal it), this item rises from the floor.

A seated individual can make the chair levitate up or down at a rate of 30 feet per minute, but they can also move forward or back as if a Flying spell has been cast upon it, moving 60 feet per minute. There is no time duration for this effect; the seated individual can stay in the air all day long if they want.

If the seated person is killed or rendered unconscious at any point, the chair will slow down, and then descend easily at a rate of 10 feet per minute, until it settles on the ground. The same holds true if the individual jumps or otherwise falls out of the chair while it is in the air.

Once per day, for a duration of only 1 minute, the chair can be used in an Accelerated mode, moving forward (only) to a distance of 1 mile, that is to say, at a rate of 60 MPH (nearly 100 KPH). The seated individual can make the chair curve left or right, up or down somewhat while flying in Accelerated mode, but fine controls are impossible at that speed. The curse of the item occurs only at this time; there is a solid 25% chance when in Accelerated mode that the chair will stop responding to any commands from the wearer, and continue to move at high speed in a straight line without any time limit, no matter what's in front of it.

Collision with solid objects (trees, cliff sides, houses, etc.) will result in 10d8 HP of damage to anyone seated in or struck by the chair, and the chair itself might be well be destroyed (Saving Throws for it apply, at the GM's discretion). Jumping from or falling from the chair in Accelerated mode will result in 1d6 of damage for every 10 feet of height, plus 6d6 for the speed (jumping into water or something like a hay bale might help; jumping on to something like rocks or thorns might cause even more damage). Like usual, the chair will slow down and settle to the ground in this mode if the seated individual is killed or rendered unconscious, or if they jump or fall off.

This is a handy, even powerful item, that can easily kill its user.

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