Plane Escape

trap gaming

A precious artifact causes 1d4 items from a player's inventory to be sent to 1 random plane of existence, once per day. The artifact must be in a player's possession (on their person or in a bag or similar container owned by them) to have effect. Abandoning the artifact removes the curse, but does not restore the items.

To retrieve a lost item, players must either invoke the help of a planar ally, or else travel to the plane themselves. If your gaming group has been looking for an excuse to start exploring alternate planes, this may be the impetus you've been waiting for.

Abstract glass by Joel Filipe. Unsplash License.

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Your move


This one is wicked! The only justification for a GM to use it is either players have too many items, or to move them into a cross-plane adventure. Quite diabolical!

On solar day 30.2019 by Queen Toni

@QueenToni I have a peculiar gaming group that I DM for. It takes a lot of prodding to get them to try something new and daring, like jumping to another plane! Somehow me raving about a fancy new source book or adventure strikes them with fear, instead of inspiration. When suggestions fail, there's a curse.

On solar day 30.2019 by Seth