Robe of Stupidity

curse gaming

Usable by Spellcasters only. This appears as a beautiful robe, with ornate designs upon the cuffs, bottom hem, and collar line. It will radiate strong magic.

This robe will seem to give the wearer a +3 to both AC and all Saving Throws. Upon first putting it on, however, the spellcaster must roll vs. Magic (with no Save bonuses from the robe, itself, naturally) or permanently lose 2d4 points of Intelligence (down to a minimum of 3)!

The robe can be removed at any time, but the loss of Intelligence remains. Remove Curse or Magic does nothing to help. A full Heal spell might help, at the GM's discretion.

Optional: A quest of some sort might be required, to find another object that can undo this horrible magic.

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