Stench Boots

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These will appear as rugged adventuring-style boots, that are scuffed but otherwise in very good shape. They will radiate magic, and shrink or grow to fit any foot. They will allow the wearer to tip-toe, walk, or even run absolutely silently 3 times per day, for a duration of five minutes each time. Additionally, the character can run 3 times as fast (three times their normal maximum running speed) once per day, for five minutes duration. This can be combined with the Move Silently effect, if desired.

These powers persist upon activation of the curse, but additionally, the victim's feet begin to smell very badly. Note that the boots will not have any disagreeable odor before the victim begins wearing them.

By the end of the first day, the stink is noticeable to people around them, but by the end of the second, anyone within ten feet of the character must roll a Saving Throw or be violently ill; this includes vomiting, watering eyes, and weakness (causing people smelling it to be at 1/2 Strength and 1/2 Movement for five minutes; spellcasting in this state is impossible). Animals or beasts that track by scent will have a 100% chance of tracking the victim. Even if a person succeeds in their Saving Throw, they will be driven away by the horrible stink, or else be required to roll another Saving Throw each minute they are close. Moving away from the wearer of the boots will allow the weakness effect to wear off after five minutes. At no time will the wearer of the boots, themself, be able to smell this horrible scent! Additionally, they will not be able to take this cursed foot gear off after the second day.

The character's Charisma drops to 3 as far as anyone close enough to smell them is concerned, and towns and villages become dangerous places, since angry mobs will tend to form, driving off the character with rocks and pitchforks. A successful Remove Curse will allow the boots to be removed, and the smell to end.

Optional: The victim's feet will continue to stink even after the boots are taken off, requiring a second Remove Curse to stop the smell.

une paire de ranger en cuir by Medjaï under a Public Domain modified in Inkscape by David

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