Fall for none or one for all

trap gaming

A pressure plate causes itself as well as every second tile in the room (in the pattern of a chessboard) to quickly elevate, lifting anyone standing on one 20 feet into the air.

This presents the players with at least 3 options:

  1. If a creature on the pressure plate jumps down, taking falling damage, then all other tiles lower gently.

  2. If everyone else on a raised tile jumps down, taking falling damage, then the pressure plate lowers gently.

  3. If everyone jumps down at the same time, then the remaining tiles raise quickly to break their fall such that no one takes falling damage.

    If option 3 was taken, a door at the level of the new "floor" may be revealed as needed.

    Over-complex scribbled dungeon diagram by Mixed Signals staff in Krita. Creative Commons cc0.

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Your move


It's letss of a mind f**k if players don't know the options. There should be a plaque or sign somewhere.

On solar day 18.2019 by realmwalker

Great point, realmwalker. I'll add a sign to the trap. My initial thought (after your suggestion, I mean) was to have a sign reveal itself when the trap is triggered. But actually I think a sign in plain view from the start might be even more intriguing, since without context players won't understand why a sign is telling them to jump or not to jump.

On solar day 18.2019 by Seth