Sci Fi d10 Combat Events

Combat random table

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At the start of their turn during combat, a player may choose to have the GM to foll on this table for a potential benefit (or impairment).

  1. You are motivated by desperation. Take an extra move this round.
  2. You have quick reflexes. Take half damage.
  3. You are hit by shrapnel. Take 1 point of damage.
  4. The AR of your assailant glitches, causing them to regard you as friendly for 1 round.
  5. An enemy of your enemy arrives, and fights alongside you.
  6. Your attack goes horribly wrong and you hit the nearest ally.
  7. You trip and fall, taking 1 point of damage.
  8. You trip and fall, and so you are harder to hit. Attacks against you suffer 2 point penalty.
  9. You perform a flourish of daring elegance. The next enemy in combat order forfeits their turn.
  10. Your savagery shocks your assailant, who suffers a 2 point penalty on the next attack.

Photo by Florian Gagnepain. Unsplash License.

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