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I'm watching the Interrogator animated series on Warhammer+, and this is my review. There are spoilers in this post, so don't read on if you haven't seen the show and have a good memory.

I'm enjoying this series on several levels, but what comes through the most in this episode is the war. In actual film noir, a past war is prerequisite. The quintessential noir protagonist is one scarred by the trauma of the Second World War. Post-war isn't part of the atmosphere, it's the entire setting. Similarly, war is the all-encompassing setting of Warhammer. Sometimes it fades into the background, but it has to be there somewhere, and eventually it's probably going to encroach on whatever story is otherwise being told.

In this episode, it feels like war is starting to creep into the story.

Somebody else's nightmares

Having peered into the mind of the guy in the bar (Broath, or something. I don't know how to spell fictional names), Jurgen's got a lead. It's not much to go on, but it includes Haroth (not Karoth, excuse my poor spelling of fictional names) meeting with a priest in a temple. Unfortunately, there are riots in the city as a civil war starts to brew.

The rioting triggers a flashback. It's good. Jurgen, in his youth, attempts an ambush of an Inquisitor. He desperately wants her Inquisitor badge.

Things did not go well.

Back in the present, the riots start to pick up as some gangers converge in the streets. Jurgen decides it's time for him and Baldur to contribute back to society. Instead of going around the riot, they go through it, clearing out gangers as they go. Until, that is, they're apprehended by an old enemy.

Good scifi

This episode is great scifi. It's tough and ugly, post-apocalyptic in feel. This is classic British calamity, straight off the pages of 2000 AD or off the screen of Max Headroom. It's gritty and gruesome, and I love it.

Warhammer violence.

Good Warhammer

This episode is great Warhammer 40K. We're starting to delve into Inquisitor lore in this episode, and staring hard at the underbelly of a hive city. This is the pain you forget about when you're staring wistfully at the superhuman Space Marines marching bravely into battle. Warhammer admittedly isn't often beautiful, but this is Warhammer at some of its most miserable.

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