Clumsy Gloves

curse gaming

For thieves. These appear as a pair of very fine kid gloves, which will radiate magic if tested for. Investigations will reveal them to be of special use to thieves and others skilled in delicate work. The gloves will seem to add a +20% bonus on all Skill checks for such things as Pick Locks, Picking Pockets, Disarming Traps, etc. They can be put on and taken off easily.

Upon first being worn in the field (that is, when it actually matters), the gloves will reveal their cursed state, and cause the wearer to have a -20% chance on all the same skills. What's worse, when in combat, the wearer has a -4 To Hit penalty (on a 1d20).

These gloves can only be removed at this point with a successful Remove Curse spell.

IMAGE: The Crimson Rider by JJ Jordan, released under the Unsplash License, modified in Inkscape by David

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