Crown of the wild

Troubled druidic magic

curse gaming

A crown of bark and leaves, created for the warrior Princess Lolonyo of the Southern Reaches by the traitorous Prince Idem, her spurned would-be lover. The crown is elegant and masterfully made, easily worth 2000 gp.

It also attracts any hungry animal, size medium or larger, within a 5 mile radius. There is generally a 50% chance of an animal being nearby; more in some environments. Such an animal attacks the bearer of the crown. If the crown is worn, then the wearer also suffers -4 AC against the animal's attacks.

If the crown is broken or battered, it mends itself overnight.

Attempts to burn the crown only harden and strengthen it.

If the crown is abandoned, the former owner finds thorns and nettles from the crown in their gear no matter how thoroughly they wash and clean, and its curse persists.

The crown's curse is broken when and if a person allows themselves and the crown to be consumed by a ferocious beast. A player probably won't want to do that, so they can instead attempt to sell it. Astute merchants recognise it as cursed, but an evil-aligned merchant will purchase it so that they may pass the curse on to others. The merchant will only pay 1d6 gp for it, and until it is re-sold in 1d6 days, the curse continues to afflict the former owner.

Armor photo by Erda Estremera and modified by Seth Kenlon. Unsplash License.

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