Classic Rigged Statue

trap gaming

Often used to protect something, this trap appears as the bust of a large person or god, made entirely of stone. It will radiate magic, if looked for. The bust only shows this figure from the waist up, but it is nonetheless gigantic. Its head is raised to the ceiling or sky, while its hands clenched in prayer.

Upon activation, the figure will animate, and slam down its huge clenched fists in a particular spot directly before it. Anyone there may roll against their AC, Dex, or get a Saving Throw (GM's choice) to avoid getting hit. If they fail, they take 6d8 HP of crushing damage. If the character survives, and continues to stand there, the statue will attack again.

Thieves that can detect magical traps might be able to determine how to circumvent this statue, but not necessarily how to disarm it.

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