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Have you been procrastinating in your resolve to finally get into tabletop RPGs? Have you been thinking about buying Pathfinder or Starfinder rulebooks, but the prices are too steep? Today's your lucky day, because you can get everything you need to play Pathfinder, which is the continuation of D&D 3.5, for literally $1 at Humble Bundle.

Yes, for just $1, you get a PDF of the triumvirate combination of the Core Rulebook (all the rules you need to play), Bestiary (a bunch of monsters to fight), and the Game Mastery Guide (tips and utilities for the Game Master).

At that price, there's no excuse!

Too complex? Don't worry, for that same $1, you also get the amazing Beginner Box, which is a basic version of the rules for players new to RPG. It's easily the best introduction to role-playing available. It steps you through the character build process with a character sheet and numbered instructions, it tells you exactly how to play and exactly how to GM (and yes, it even explains what a GM is).

If you spend just $18, you get dozens of prewritten adventures to play through, books and book of additional optional rules, plus the Starfinder Core Rulebook (normally $60 USD) so you can take your adventures far into the future, in space.

Seoni by Dynamite Comics

It's worth mentioning that this too-good-to-be-true bundle is quite likely being offered right now because the release of Pathfinder 2 is imminent. Of course, that hardly renders this collection of material useless; you can still play the original Pathfinder game no matter what, but if you plan on delving into the latest version of the game, then much of this will rendered obsolete, since many of the rules and optional rules of Pathfinder won't matter (partly because many of them will have been adopted into Pathfinder 2, like the previously apocryphal Alchemist class).

The adventures, however, are easy to up-convert, and Starfinder itself is brand new, so the $18 tier is a good investment now and for the future.

And frankly, the $1 tier is well worth it, too. The original Pathfinder is a masterpiece of tabletop RPG: it's the product of the team behind the latter-day Dragon magazine, it's the most successful example of a fork leveraging the Open Game License (OGL), it's got years of D&D 3.0 and 3.5 material supporting it (some conversion is required, but once you run a few adventures, the conversion is pretty trivial), and it's just a great, crunchy, immersive RPG experience.

Pathfinder art copyright by Paizo. Seoni comic by Dynamite Comics.

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