Good eatin'

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Trigger warning: Food,starvation

Game masters: Be sensitive to your players before using this cursed item.

This cursed item has to do with food, and may upset anyone with a history of eating disorders or who knows someone with a eating disorder, or anyone who experiences discomfort over the subject of food. Do not use this cursed item if in doubt, and definitely get approval from your players before introducing plot points or cursed items involving food.

End of disclaimer. Now on to...

Cursed ration

A supply of rations which, when eaten, provides the nourishment of 1 full meal, as expected.

Over the course of the next week, however, the player is plagued with constant unendurable hunger, regardless of how much they consume. If left untreated, the player must eat 1d12 times a day, for 1d6 nonlethal gorging damage per meal eaten.

If the player runs out of rations or food supply, the player takes 1d12 damage for each missed meal.

Requires lift curse, suppressed by goodberry.

Salt by Jason Tuinstra. Unsplash License.

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