Ring of the Shade

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This is an item for clerics and thieves. It appears as a ring with a stone of shiny black onyx. It will radiate powerful magic if tested for.

The Shade Ring gives the wearer influence over ghosts and ghost-like entities. Such beings will see the wearer as a person to be trusted and followed, as if a 10th Level Charm Undead spell had been cast upon them (Saving Throws for the ghost do apply).

Additionally, the ring gives the wearer an ability to turn intangible and ghost-like themself once per day (including any items, weapons, or equipment they are carrying), for a period equal to one minute per their own level. When in this form, they are not an actual ghost, and do not have the powers of one. They are simply transparent, and somewhat amorphous, able to pass through most physical or even magical barriers as if they weren't there. The wearer cannot physically attack anyone while in this form -- though, at the GM's discretion, certain magical attacks or spells may be possible (and likewise, certain magical attacks against them may be possible).

The ring may be removed at any time, without problem. The curse of the item has a chance of coming in each and every time it is used for intangibility. Whenever the character uses the Shade Ring for this purpose, as opposed for undead control, the GM (or the player) must roll d100. There is a chance, equal to 01% per the current level of the user, that the curse will activate, and the ring will drop off. At this point, the victim will be permanently stuck in their ghost-like form (Saving Throw vs. Magic applies, at GM's discretion). Once this happens, neither Remove Curse, nor Dispel Magic will have any effect on restoring the victim, and a quest of some sort will likely be required.

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