1-28 The Girls of Nazarone Affair

Rewatching the Man from UNCLE

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I'm rewatching every episode of the Man from UNCLE series from start to finish. This review may contain spoilers.

This episode features an intriguing crime sydicate consisting entirely of women, most notably a race car driver named Nazarone. They are, predictably, as beautiful as they are deadly. And they really are deadly. At times, brutal even.

This episode has several twists and turns before you figure out what it's all about. By the time you witness the girl gang gunning down one of their own members, you're thoroughly confused. You pick up the plot about half way through, though.

Generally speaking, this episode falls into the category of UNCLE against a prototype high-risk secret weapon, a little like the aging gas in The Finny Foot Affair or The Strigas Affair. There's a really bad prototypical weapon, and it's fallen into the hands of a moderately ineffective criminal organization, so UNCLE must recover it.

The final twist is that this isn't a dangerous weapon, but a miracle drug that actually saves lives. The problem is, this gang is using it to save the wrong lives, and that concerns UNCLE.

The episode

This one didn't hold my attention, for some reason. The plot is a little too linear, maybe. There's an investigation, but everything works out pretty quickly so that UNCLE can fight the bad guys head on. Unfortunately, the fight isn't all that exciting, and the baddies aren't all that interesting.

I did appreciate that in the end, the prototypical miracle substance that would change the entire world of the show is proven to be, ultimately, ineffective.

Not a bad episode, but not one that stood out as anything special.

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