About us

meta gaming

Do you like having fun in your games? We do too.

Constraints are good for a challenge, but restrictions on what you can use in your game content are never fun. And gaming is meant to be fun above all else.

This blog is where we reveal all of our best content, and a few of our crazy ideas. Everything you find here (even the commercial products we sell) is free for you to use in your games, your artwork, and even your own commercial products.

So get creative. Share your ideas. Make your games fun.

Collaborate with us

Do you have ideas for game or story elements? If you're a Creative Commons artist (or if you'd like to become one!), then contact us. We're always eager to collaborate.

Stairway image by AP on opengameart.org, and the website itself is built upon the open source [Grav](http://getgrav.org) blog framework.

Storefront image by David Revoy and is licensed CC-BY-NC-ND.

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